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Rubber in a Can is a ready to use handy man in a can. This product sprays a black rubberized liquid in a easy to use aerosol can. This product will seal and fill cracks and leaks and provide a flexible coating that is watertight and will prevent corrosion, rust and water penetration. Rubber in a can dries to a smooth firm coating that will not drip, sag crack or peel. Great for roofs, gutters, flashing, ductwork, PVC, concrete, asphalt and masonry and will provide a paintable surface when dry.

Flexible Versatile Rubberized Coating:
Used on concrete, metal, ductwork, gutters and provides a rubber surface for hundreds of uses on multiple surfaces.

Water-Tight Seal
Rubber in a Can Provides a flexible sealant that will prevent and protect against water and moisture penetration along with corrosion and rust.

Seals Leaks and Cracks
This ready to use, easy to use rubber spray paint will build up fast to fill gaps, holes and cracks. This product should be in every shop, tool box, boat, work space, tool box, truck or van and maintenance facility. This product is used by home owners, contractors, DIY, hobbyists, auto workers and maintenance workers.

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